Monday, August 2, 2010

Remember letter-writing?

In my incessant pondering, it occurred to me that there has been a nasty, unfounded rumor started regarding cell phones. Why do people seem to think that sending a text message as opposed to calling is the digital equivalent of knocking instead of ringing the doorbell?

It has generally been my experience that a the ringer for a text message will be just as loud as that of a phone call, just different. I know that sometimes it's possible to change the settings on phones to make different ringers have different volumes, but to be honest, I want to know when I'm getting a text message as well as a phone call. That's why they both have ringers.

Also, I've learned that no matter how many texts I send or phone calls I make, if my friend's phone has somehow found it's way to the endless abyss that is Under-car-seat World or Bottom-of-gym-bag-in-the-trunk-of-car Land, ain't no gettin back to me. The volume of missed calls and text messages as well as the volume of the ringer for each is inconsequential. Communication has halted. If you've sent 40 texts and called eleven hundred times, it's not like magically, text #41 is suddenly going to have the same effect as a dog whistle that only your target text/call audience will respond to.

Not that I'm outside of this phenomenon; I too have sent many a volume of text messaging and made plethoras of phone calls that fell on blind eyes and deaf ears. But I've figured out that whether the person whom you are trying to reach is unavailable or ignoring you, if it's urgent, just leave a voicemail or a text or two. 50 texts and 80 calls start to look a little some circles.

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