Friday, April 8, 2011


Speaking of "it being a while", it's time for a vacation. With all kinds of travel plans swirling around, one thing is at least semi-nailed down. I'm going home. For Easter. For the first time in a long time. Or is it Passover? There's still time to decide.

Even though I am going home, it isn't really a vacation until I'm released from the clutches of my mother. Of course I want to see her, and my grandparents, and visit, and drink coffee, and et cetera, however-
It's not a vacation if all your activities are pre-planned and taking place on the lido deck at 1:00, promptly after lunch.

And even though my leave starts at 0001 on Sunday, 24 April, my vacation doesn't start until whenever I wake up on Monday, 25 April and get my cereal and cartoons on.

Luckily, my leave has been approved and tickets bought, so we're halfway there. Now just to get through the next 16 or so days... But who's counting?

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